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Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (TG-DTA) simultaneously carries out DTA (Differential thermal analysis) and TG (Thermal gravimetric analysis). The temperature range is from room temperature to 1080°C.

  • DTA is used to establish the temperatures at which reactions may occur that involve thermal effects in the material for e.g. emission of gases or vapours, reactions with formation of new crystalline phases...etc. The temperatures at which the endothermic or exothermic reactions occur are used to identify the material.
  • TG quantitatively evaluates increases or losses in weight of the material caused by the corresponding oxidation reactions, vapour or gas reactions.
Examples of some manufacturing/QC applications:
  1. Determine the amount of weight loss due to gaseous decomposition of organic or carbonate content...etc and their temperature ranges.
  2. Monitor the changes of incoming raw materials (such as clay deposits, raw material lots or different suppliers) to predict the effect on the firing process and production batches.
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