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Ceramic Tiles Technical Properties
A ceramic tile is a modular product that is repeated over wall or floor surface. Due to this modularity characteristic, the quality of the tiled surface is related to the uniformity and regularity of the individual tile. A planarity tester is used to measure the key dimensional characteristics of the ceramic tile.

Key dimensional characteristics for ceramic tiles according to ISO 10545-2
  • Length of the sides and thickness
  • Centre curvature
  • Edge curvature
  • Warpage
  • Rectangularity
  • Straightness of sides
Dimension & Planarity Tester
Water Absorption
This characteristic represents the product's "sintering level" or "porosity"and its structural compactness. Water absorption is the amount of water that a ceramic tile can absorb under certain experimental conditions expressed in terms of the percentage by weight of the dry tile.
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